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The artist Tavares Strachan
Born 1979, Nassau, Bahamas.
Lives and works in New York, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Art and Electronic media, Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Design,

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Tavares Strachan
His installations (…) incite discussion of two very political and timely issues—on one hand, the power of natural phenomena, including climatic and edaphic events, symbiotic interdependence, balance within homeostatic systems; and, on the other hand, man’s relationship to nature, that is, his antagonistic struggle against it, his efforts to collapse distance and space, and his myopic pursuit of progress at the planet’s expense…

Tavares Strachan
The Boiler – 191 N. 14th Street, Brooklyn NY, 2009

Tavares Strachan
where we are is always miles away, 2006

Tavares Strachan
Geographically and culturally, the work references multiple levels of displacement that draw on human experience…

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