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The artist Tellervo Kalleinen
Born 1975, Lohja, Finland.
Lives and works in Helsinki, .
Style and technique of the artist: Performance Art, Video, Singapore Biennale,

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Tellervo Kalleinen
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Tellervo Kalleinen
Biography; YKON

Tellervo Kalleinen : Olivier Kochta Kalleinen
<p>Beside our individual projects we have enjoyed to work in collaboration since 2003. <br />
On the following pages we introduce 3 projects. For the Summit of Micronations we organized together with artists’ association MUU a convention of six micronations in Helsinki. The Complaints Choir invites people to complain as much as they want and to sing their complaints out loud together with fellow complainers. The Making of Utopia brought us to four utopian communities in Australia which were portrayed in a film.</p>

Tellervo Kalleinen
”When travelling abroad, I put a notice in the paper: ’Plan a movie scene in your own home and give me a role in it!’

Tellervo Kalleinen
amorph!03 Summit of Micronations

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