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The artist Theaster Gates
Born 1973, Chicago, USA.
Lives and works in Chicago, .
Style and technique of the artist: Whitney Biennial, Site specific art, Video,

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Theaster Gates
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Theaster Gates
Temple Exercises is a series of exercises that occur both at the MCA and around the city. Exploring the relationships among art, politics, and race, Theaster Gates constructs a temple-like structure that merges aspects of African-American and Japanese traditions. Gates's construction also serves as a contemplative space meant to inspire dialogue across philosophical and cultural boundaries on topics ranging from politics and religion to culture, food, and art as well as a performative space for the Black Monks, a group of Baptist-Buddhist musicians who mix slave spirituals, monastic chants, and jazz to create a singular sonorous experience…

Theaster Gates
urban planner, sculptor, coordinator of arts programming (and an established eccentric-in-residence) at University of Chicago, has transformed a small gallery space at the MCA into a site for ritual and musical conversation that combines his two major influences of African-American and Japanese traditions¬óGates has long been involved with Japanese sculpture through his own sculpture study and projects…

Theaster Gates
We often think of art as being something that is made in the privacy of the artist's studio and then brought out into the world when it is time to be shown. This idea of art being made in private is, of course, one of the things that has traditionally given art a certain aura and sense of mystery. Most often, unless we are artists ourselves, we don't know how the art object came into being. This only adds to our sense of awe and wonder. And while a lot of art is still made within the privacy and isolation of the artist's studio, there have always been those artists whose work takes place in very public and interactive ways. Indeed for these artists their works are only meaningful if they take place in the public arena; the public in fact becomes a part of the "art work" themselves, and the space where the event occurs becomes a place transformed…

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