Thorsten Brinkmann

Thorsten Brinkmann | the artist

The artist Thorsten Brinkmann
Born 1971, Herne, Germany.
Lives and works in Berlin, .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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2011 recipient of the Finkenwerder Art Prize

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Thorsten Brinkmann
In his fantastical oeuvre, the German artist Thorsten Brinkmann moves between painting, photography, sculpture, readymade, collage and performance. Thorsten Brinkmann (b. 1971, Herne) is an active collector. In Hamburg, his place of residence, he has a huge shed filled with found objects. Everything that can be found at a flea market will be found in Thorsten Brinkmann’s collection: ruined wardrobes, lampshades, side tables, clothing and more. From this collection he freely draws-out items for use in his installations, sculptures, videos and photos. Hereby Brinkmann subtly indicates to us the shallow and nonchalant manner in which we, in our society, deal with objects…

Thorsten Brinkmann
Thorsten Brinkmann´s photographic self-portraits turn a classic genre upside down. In general, the work of artist Thorsten Brinkmann is initiated by the things he finds: objects discarded by the civilisation, which he finds in bulk waste collections in the street, but also ordinary things like bottles, flower pots or shelves. Even his own body becomes an objet trouvè by the artist. Brinkmann is a juggler who uses different worldly objects on an equal level, introducing them into art in the manner of Duchamps…

Thorsten Brinkmann
The still-life portraits contain objects from Brinkmann's collection, from which he calls himself a "serial collector." A here is the kicker: Thorsten Brinkmann photographs himself in these scenes and costumes. And of course, the absence of the face is a powerful characteristic in all of these photographs…

Thorsten Brinkmann
Thorsten Brinkmann moves individuals enjoying his works in a way that is hard to describe. It’s not like his creations offend somebody or give birth to strong feelings, but there certainly is something strange and disturbing about them. His piece of resistence is photographing people in a classical manner while substituting parts of their body with objects of common use, ranging for boxes, materials, lamps or even furniture…

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