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The artist Tim Brennan
Born 1966, , England.
Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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Tim Brennan
The NORTH' is a constellation of objects and images which take us on a journey through northern England and Scotland to unpick 'the idea of north', to use historian Peter Davidson's phrase. Since 2002, Brennan has undertaken walks throughout northern Britain that expand upon his performance works…

Performing Northumbria: Empire
Brennan has been quoted as one of the most important practitioners to contribute to the social and political role of contemporary art and has been cited as developing and applying the concerns of minimalism, performance, land art and conceptualism within the social fabric.

The History of Blue, Clashmach Hill
Brennan’s most recent body of work ‘The North’ was created over a three-year period. Originating from his performance walks around the region he has labelled ‘greater Northumbria’, as series of beguiling images open up alternative histories of how ‘the north’ can be re-read…

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