Tobias Buche

Tobias Buche | the artist

The artist Tobias Buche
Born 1987, Berlin, Germany.
Lives and works in Berlin, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,

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Tobias Buche
Buche's installations gather a wide range of documents from a variety a sources: mass media, pop culture, the internet and art imagery. These documents are associated with images he takes himself, including pictures from his everyday life depicting his friends and relatives. The combination functions both as a personal and a collective memory. Taking the forms of photographs, photocopies or computer print-outs, the images are displayed on large panels, creating complex compositions within the exhibition space. A complex and non-linear narrative emerges from the combination of these images…

Tobias Buche
Tobias Buche (b. 1978, Berlin, Germany) creates rough overworked sculptures comprised of collaged imagery meticulously mined from his personal archive. These collected photos and drawings – both found and created by the artist – link associations between the cultural landscape, media, and personal memories. Presented as a series of sculptures on particleboard, his work asks the viewer to navigate the space and investigate one's own relationship to the groupings…

Tobias Buche
In earlier works, Tobias Buche often made use of simply constructed movable walls made out of wood –
or perspex screens held together with tape – as picture carriers.
At the same time, these makeshift display boards were functioning as sculptural interventions in space,
leading the visitor alongside the images through the room, cornering him, or positioning him in unusual
sight lines…

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