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The artist Toby Paterson
Born 1974, Glasgow, Scotland.
Lives and works in Glasgow, .
Style and technique of the artist: Mural Art – Muralism, Land and Environmental, Painting,

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Toby Paterson
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Toby Paterson
Toby Paterson plays with the ideas of the integration of art and architecture, incorporating the painterly, the structural, the material, the minimal and the brutal…

Toby Paterson
Toby Paterson is now one of Scotland's most successful young artists, and has exhibited extensively throughout the world including solo exhibitions in Glasgow, London, Paris and Turin…

Toby Paterson
When I won Beck’s Futures back in 2002, my overwhelming feeling was one of surprise. I hadn’t felt my odds were very good. My work was practically unknown in London as I had only ever exhibited in a few small group shows there, and myself and Tom Wood were the only non-London-based artists on the shortlist…

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