Tom Claassen

Tom Claassen | the artist

The artist Tom Claassen
Born 1964, Heerlen, Netherlands.
Lives and works in Amsterdam & Breda, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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Tom Claassen's work is emphatically versatile, in terms of subject, technique, and choice of material, but always recognizable. All of his sculptures embody a paradoxical tension between the light tone in which he approaches his subject matter, and the rounded, obese way they are shaped.

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Over the past years, his work has developed in the direction of the subjects' interior, formally speaking: where before their existence was caracterised by a struggle with their own bodies, their own physicality (as if they were wearing a couple of winter coats at once, unable to shake them off), the more recent sculptures are constructed with the same elementary forms (cilynders, cubes), but focusing more on the underlying structure than outside appearance…

Tom Claassen

Tom Claassen
Two incredible sitting black snowmen

Tom Claassen
The Skin of the Psychomorphic Sculptures of Tom Claassen.

Tom Claassen
5 Elefanten

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