Tom Curtis

Tom Curtis | the artist

The artist Tom Curtis
Born March 27 1953, Elk City, Oklahoma, USA.
Lives and works in San Francisco, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Expressionism,

Tom Curtisartworks on eBay
Original artworks, prints, exhibition posters, monographs, books, collectibles.

extreme postmodernism amplified minimalism and expressionism

Biography and art, auction, artworks, interview, statement, website:
I work in abstract and representational forms
interchangeably. Ritualistic objects and patterns resonate deeply and
sometimes manifest unexpectedly. Sometimes this involves real world
elements and other times reaches deep into fantasy and the
subconscious.Chance and humor are also important.

curtis productions
Tom Curtis Productions studio designs and fabricates art
for private and corporate events providing art direction, design,
delivery & installation, backdrops, cutouts, centerpieces, digital
event photography, flats, graphics, ideas, lighting, oddities, props,
sets, signage, and more.

sf art institute
Founded in 1871, the San Francisco Art Institute is one
of the U.S.’s oldest and most prestigious schools of higher education in
contemporary art. It boasts an illustrious list of alumni in all of its
areas of focus: painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking,
filmmaking, design+technology, and new genres. But most important, it
has consistently held fast to its core philosophy of creating programs
where creativity and critical thinking are fostered in one of the most
open, innovative, and interdisciplinary environments in higher
education. At the Art Institute we focus on educating artists who will
become the creative leaders of their generation.

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