Torie Begg

Torie Begg | the artist

The artist Torie Begg
Born April 30 1962, London, UK.
Lives and works in London, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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torie begg
She was English. I had first met her years ago in a French city at the elegant apartment-gallery of a friend, a collector and dealer, in connection with an exhibition of her paintings. She came for breakfast on her way to the airport. But I remember she was late, and breakfast became a flurry of half-drunk coffee and heartfelt exchanges as the taxi waited below to take her to some other place where, I imagined, someone else would meet her in some other apartment, in some other country, over a breakfast much like this one.

torie begg
The monochrome and the grid are probably two of the most intimidating aspects of Modernism’s legacy. Their abandonment of representation and eschewal of organic form is tantamount to the existential horror of infinity. Yet it is this process of dehumanisation that Torie Begg joyfully confronts. Working in series, which again reflects Modernist concerns of completion and progression, Begg orchestrates conditions in which monochromes might be reconsidered as something other than ideal abstractions…

torie begg
In 1995 I encountered the work of Torie Begg primarily through a text by Brian Muller (2), the artists statement for a catalogue and then in an interview with Begg (3). My contact with her work came much later in an exhibition of her work at the Galerie Renos Xippas, Paris in 1996. My reading of these texts preceding my first encounter with the paintings opened up a series of questions which will be addressed in this essay…

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