Tseng Yu-Chin

Tseng Yu-Chin | the artist

The artist Tseng Yu-Chin
Born 1978, Taipei, Taiwan.
Lives and works in Taipei, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Documenta Kassel,

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Tseng Yu-Chin
<p>I Got up in the morning and remembered<br />
I had dreamed of my grandmother last night. She was sighing and lying down by me.<br />
I received a telephone call<br />
Grandmother had passed away. She is very important to me…</p>

Tseng Yu-Chin
In his early video works and experimental short films a surreal, dream-like atmosphere prevails that by association stimulates the fields of emotional and mental processes. More recent videos, in contrast, appear to be elements in a psychological experiment. Tseng¬ís attention is directed primarily to childhood as a period of primary physical experience and social conditioning…

Tseng Yu-Chin
Five children gaze into the camera and wait for the moment when they will be splattered with yogurt or milk.

Tseng Yu-Chin
Sleepwalking children wake up the senses

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