Tyeb Mehta

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The artist Tyeb Mehta
Born July 25 1925, Gujarat, India.
Died July 2 2009, Mumbai, India.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Tyeb Mehta
Born in Gujarat in 1925 Tyeb Mehta spent an initial period working as a film editor in a cinema laboratory. Its interest in painting however took him to the Sir J.J. School of Art from where he received his diploma in 1952. A close friend of the Progressive Artists Group with considerable stylistic affiliation he left for London where he lived and worked between 1959 and 1964…

Tyeb Mehta
One of the internationally recognized artists of India, Tyeb Mehta is a multitalented individual. Apart from being an exceptionally good painter, he is also a brilliant filmmaker. Known more about Tyeb Mehta with this biography cum life history…

Tyeb Mehta
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Tyeb Mehta
"In art you have to go on for a long time before you can say `I have done something.` When you are young, you try to understand the world. As you grow old, you try to understand yourself. Your work then becomes the essence of these efforts. An artist comes to terms with certain images. He arrives at certain conventions by a process of reduction."

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