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The artist Vanessa Beecroft
Born Apr 25 1969, Genoa, Italy.
Lives and works in Milan and New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Performance Art, Relational art, Installation art,

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Artist Vanessa Beecroft has treated the will to classicism in its diaspora of mass culture through a re-deployment of the fashion industry’s strategic organization of idealized beauty, itself inherited in large part from high art, and in her performances, returned. Models were stripped naked and arranged in art spaces with the rigid planarity of the most exacting quattrocentro painting.

Performance VB61, Venice Biennale 2007. Still deaf / Still death. ©Experimental Jetset

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Vanessa Beecroft has become famous for installations featuring armies of vaguely similar women wearing identical underwear, high heels, wigs, and not much else. Their nudity becomes almost like a uniform.

Vanessa Beecroft
Website of the artist.

Vanessa Beecroft: Classic Cruelty

Vanessa Beecroft: interview
Dare to bare

Vanessa Beecroft: interview
Beecroft uses a unique, personal, artistic language. Her work is a complex fusion of conceptual issues and aesthetic concerns, focusing on large-scale performance art, usually involving live female models (often nude)…

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