Velimir Khlebnikov

Velimir Khlebnikov | the artist

The artist Velimir Khlebnikov
Pseudonym: (Viktor Vladimirovich Khlebnikov)
Born Oct 28 1885, Turdutov, Russia.
Died June 28 1922, Santalovo, .
Style and technique of the artist: Futurism, Writing,

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Despite the fact that Russian Cubo-Futurist Velimir Khlebnikov only lived a short life of thirty-six years (1885-1922), the volume of work he left behind makes for virtually inexhaustible reading. It is not only the quantity of Khlebnikov’s work that may provide the reader with a lifetime of amusement and exhilaration; the scope and nature of his vision of the world proves that he was deserving of the titles he and his cohorts bestowed on him, President of Planet Earth and The King of Time. And even though the King of Time has been dead for almost a hundred years now, his words still seem to have arrived from the future.

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velimir khlebnikov
<p>Bo-beh-o-bi, sang the lips,<br /><br />
Veh-eh-o-mi, sang the glances,<br /><br />
Pi-eh-eh-o, sang the brows,<br /><br />
Li-eh-eh-ey, sang the visage,<br /><br />
Gzi-gzi-gzeh-o, sang the chain.<br /><br />
Thus on a canvas of some correspondences<br /><br />
Beyond dimension lived the face.</p>

velimir khlebnikov
Vasyl’ Iermilov, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Velimir Khlebnikov, Ivan Kliun, Kirill Zdanevich, Igor’ Terent’ev, Natalia Goncharova and Valentin Kataev.

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