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The artist Vibeke Tandberg
Born 1967, Oslo, Norway.
Lives and works in London, UK, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Photography, Sydney Biennale, Sao Paulo Biennale,

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vibeke tandberg
The most fascinating physical change in a pregnant woman may be not her glowing skin or even her swollen stomach but the way her navel transforms into a totally alien thing, like a button pushed out from the inside or a stone dropped in the middle of a shallow pool. It’s the first thing I noticed in Vibeke Tandberg’s series of self-portraits taken during her pregnancy…

vibeke tandberg
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vibeke tandberg
In an unexpectedly subtle manner, digital photography makes possible new ways of staging the disintegration of the self…

vibeke tandberg
"Line" is a body of work consisting of five life size photographs showing a girl in different poses. The girl in the pictures is a result of a digital montage mixing my face and my friend Line’s face. I started working with these pictures because I admire Line a lot both in looks and personality and I wanted to make the pictures in order to emphasize the fragile lines between admiration and envy within a friendship. Another reason is that I have always had a dream of being a natural blonde.

Aesthetics of Narcissism
In her previous series of photographs, "Living Together" Vibeke Tandberg montaged together two pictures of herself with the aid of a computer, resulting in a single image depicting what looked like twin siblings interacting…

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