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The artist Victor Man
Born 1974, Transylvania, Romania.
Lives and works in Cluj, Romania, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Victor Man
Victor Man subtle installation received great attention at the Expanded Painting section in Prague Biennial 2005. The artist is interested in the position of painting in art history. In his point of view we find ourselves only at the beginning of the redefinition of painting. The artist is working with images taken from the media. The images are selected not by its contents or meaning but by its abstract form. They are emptied of its story or social context…

Victor Man
"Things are pretty much like this: I am very interested in painting from the point of view of a sort of continuity in art history. For at least 50 years the question of paintingÂ’s ability to move on has been continuously set forth. But maybe it is the very marginalization of painting that will bring it back to the center; this moribund status is fortifying it…"

interview with Victor Man
I live in Transylvania, a province of Romania, in a university city called Cluj-Napoca. It is a place that evokes the pleasure of time that doesnÂ’t necessarily have to be filled. I previously lived for some time in Israel, where you have a quite different relation towards time and memory.

Victor Man
Untitled (black canopies), 2006

Victor Man
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