Virginie Barre

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The artist Virginie Barre
Pseudonym: Virginie Barre
Born 1970, , France.
Lives and works in Douarnenez, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Painting,

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Virginie Barré
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Virginie Barré
death-dealing subject and its inoculation techniques plead in favor of the radical accessibility of Virginie Barré‘s art. But so do its borrowed sub-cultural media, the arrogant poverty of its materials and accessories, and the swank baseness of the aesthetic upon which it relies. Rather than using a refined and facetious language, deftly reversing the clichés of popular culture and art history in the safe and hermetic field of artsy subversion, this art firmly demands its share of regression.

Virginie Barré
Barré’s world somehow feels surprisingly sparse and logical, considering the diversity of its ingredients. This feeling comes from the fact that the viewer’s impression is of being his/her own tour guide, and this aspect is significant in the unfinished narrative form employed by both Barré and Dahlberg. The latter, by comparison with Barré’s peopled universe, uses the suspense of empty architectural spaces as the context for his viewers’ involvement…

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