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The artist Vlatka Horvat
Born 1974, Cakovec, Croatia.
Lives and works in New York, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Greater New York, Video, Sculpture Objects, Photography,

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Vlatka Horvat
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Vlatka Horvat

Vlatka Horvat
Earlier this year, I came across the photography of Vlatka Horvat, a Croatian-born, New York-residing artist. Though Vlatka mainly uses photographic mediums in her work, I would hesitate to label her as just a photographer. With a master's in Performance Studies from Northwestern, and a bachelor's in Theater from Columbia College, Vlatka's photographs capture something visceral about a moment or a space. Her images typically depict an anonymous figure in a compromised state of dissection—a woman, searching for something, appears decapitated by the hole she's peering into—and the work feels much more like a document of a performance, or a conceptual tool that questions its own nature…

Vlatka Horvat

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