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The artist Wenda Gu
Born 1955, Shanghai, China.
Lives and works in New York City, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Painting, Conceptual Art,

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wenda gu
China art.

wenda gu

wenda gu
since 1981, wenda gu has participated in numerous international solo and group exhibitions and biennales. he had a survey exhibition for the first time in his artistic career at the national gallery of australia in 2001-2002. the countries and regions that have shown his work include china, hong kong, taiwan, singapore, japan, korea, indonesia, malaysia, israel, australia, germany, norway, france, russia, the netherlands, italy, britain, mexico, switzerland, sweden, south africa, poland, brazil, canada, turkey and the united states…

wenda gu
eChinaArt.com had the rare opportunity to interview one of the world's most renowned and successful contemporary Chinese artist Wenda Gu.

wenda gu
Wenda GuÂ’s work is timely in its ambitious attempt to address in artistic terms the issue of globalism that dominates discussions of contemporary economics, society, and culture. The enormous scope of his vision – conceiving of his artwork as existing over time and space and not constrained by convention, language or national boundaries – is remarkable…

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