Werner Buttner

Werner Buttner | the artist

The artist Werner Buttner
Born 1954, Jena, Germany.
Style and technique of the artist: Neo-Expressionism, Painting,

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Werner Büttner
In the late 1970s, nothing was more out than the art of painting. The gestural asceticism of conceptualism and minimalism had become established almost across the board, and the smell of oil paint was avoided like pathogens in a sterile environment. Yet like so many one-sided trends, in the end the suppressed affects erupted with renewed vigor and spawned an exaggerated penchant for the exact opposite. Germany experienced a boom of “young and wild” painting, exhibiting as little skilled craftsmanship as most of the punk music that was all the rage at the time…

Werner Büttner
Coffee, 1989. Two etchings, porcelain coffee pot and woodartist=true

Werner Büttner

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