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The artist Whitney Bedford
Born 1976, , USA.
Lives and works in Los Angeles, California, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Whitney Bedford, Saatchi gallery
Two steam ships sail in apparently opposite directions. Having passed each other, they remain coupled by a strange, luminous swell – a huge wave, a patch of fog, or a spillage perhaps…

Whitney Bedford interview
I like the subject matter of disaster, I like to paint them as ex-votives of potential disasters (to safeguard me from real disasters), and I like the metaphor of these paintings in academia commemorating an empire falling. I also like the idea that I am using the paint to sink the ships…

Whitney Bedford
Whitney Bedford is an American painter drawn to the high seas of shipwrecks and pirates. She sees her subjects as depictions of passion and despair and bases her paintings on old academic pictures of naval battles while capsizing a more conventional perspective…

Whitney Bedford
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Whitney Bedford
Whitney Bedford’s violent, beautiful brushstrokes build up and destroy underlying drawings of shipwrecks, islands and volcanic masses. Updating classic academic paintings of maritime scenes and iconic views of cataclysmic eruptions, these metaphors for impending doom are cathartic interpretations of the chaotic forces of our time. Bedford reworks preexisting cultural frames of reference to explore deeper emotions and political realities at work in our collective consciousness…

Whitney Bedford
Mostly painting on wood panels that have been primed with gesso and sanded to a glass finish. Maybe then sprayed with spray paint. Then drawn with ink sometimes and painted/undone with oil paint…

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