Wilfredo Prieto

Wilfredo Prieto | the artist

The artist Wilfredo Prieto
Born 1978, Sancti-Spiritus, Cuba.
Lives and works in La Habana, Cuba and Barcelona, Spain, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Site specific art,

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Wilfredo Prieto
Prieto plays with the viewer's expectations and creates an instant of surprise when one enters the gallery and encounters hundreds of shelves full of empty books. The feeling of estrangement is accentuated by the use of materials such as wooden shelves and study desks which recall the familiar atmosphere of traditional libraries…

Wilfredo Prieto
From objects, reality; from ideas of repositioning the object and the meanings generated by the space which subverts. Moreover, the gesture of re-contextualising doesn’t appear in the object – new context dialogue, but converts the functionalism and the logical utility into something banal which suggests a chaotic image, and even a lucid one of the structure, a victim of its own functional framework and a reflection on its incapacity to be something autonomous.

Wilfredo Prieto

Wilfredo Prieto
Frieze Art Fair is delighted to announce that the winner of The Cartier Award 2008 is Cuban artist, Wilfredo Prieto. Prieto, based in Barcelona, is a talented young conceptual artist whose works often take the form of site-specific installations. His winning proposal was chosen from over 400 applications submitted by artists across the world…

Wilfredo Prieto
Official country flags in black and white design.

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