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The artist Willem Boshoff
Born 1951, Vereeniging, South Africa.
Lives and works in Gauteng (previously Transvaal), South Africa, .
Style and technique of the artist: Conceptual Art, Installation art, Painting, Sculpture Objects, Sonsbeek,

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Willem Boshoff
"I have a head full of uncertainty. I don’t know where I am with anything – but I think that is a kind of certainty in itself. I spend eight hours a day on the computer, having an orgy with language. I hate books and I love books. Books can be prisons. Once something is written, it’s written, and it can become dogma. But a book can contain wonderful things – things you will only see if you take it off the shelf and open it. A book is conceptual until you open it. In art, those things are in your face. I work with the idea of knowledge in a package: how we keep knowledge, package it, store it – through books, the computer, oral tradition; how we process it and manipulate it through art and how we can share it, or publish it."

Willem Boshoff
His early works, KykAfrikaans and the 370-Day Project, are landmarks of concrete poetry and conceptual art in South Africa.

Willem Boshoff
Vallende drie-letter woorde

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