William E Jones

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The artist William E Jones
Born 1962, Canton, Ohio, USA.
Lives and works in Los Angeles, California, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video,

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Produced with a stringent economy of means, my work is minimalist in form and maximalist in ambition.

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William E. Jones
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William E. Jones
"the decisive factor was when i got a pompadour hairdo. people became much more approachable. they even asked to take my picture. it was a kind of initiation. we had something to share."

William E. Jones

William E. Jones
Filmmaker William E. Jones edits together sequences from vintage 1970s and 1980s gay porn to create a discursive arena in which to consider the desires implicit in sexual imagery. His short films are at once explorations of the complexities of homosexual identity and nostalgic recollections of an erstwhile gay culture drastically altered since the onset of AIDS. For the most part editing out hard-core scenes, Jones allows his pieces to focus on the language of body movement and even landscape as sites for subtler fantasy and romanticism…

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