William Gambini

William Gambini | the artist

The artist William Gambini
Born 1915, Brooklyn, New York, USA.
Died Jan 3 2010, San Diego, California, .
Style and technique of the artist: Abstract Expressionism, Painting,

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William Gambini
Painting for me is a visual experience; a learning process of life and living. I do not have a technique; instead, I use a method which I have developed over the years. The arrangement of configurations, with pigment and color placed on the flat 2-dimensional canvas surface, creates light in time and space without shadows, modeling or perspective…

William Gambini
Drawing and painting … are intimately connected because I believe the "ACT" of expression of line, shape, contour, form, object, sound, and silence, with their relationship of the space on the flat surface, together with color definitions, such as hues, darks, lights, and implemented in pencil, pen, brush, ink, crayon, charcoal, or pigment, as desired by an individual's act, expresses the visual all at once, and becomes a "unity of the whole"…

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