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The artist Wolfgang Tillmans
Born 1968, Remscheid, Germany.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Photography, Turner Prize, Photography – Documentary,

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Wolfgang Tillmans
From the moment of his first exhibition in 1988, at the age of twenty, Tillmans has been recognized as an artist of precocious talent. Conscripting magazines such as i-D, Interview, and Index as his exhibition space, he published provocative pictures of youth culture's rituals, self-image, and style that looked nothing like high fashion…

Wolfgang Tillmans interview
I trust that, if I study something carefully enough, a greater essence or truth might be revealed without having a prescribed meaning. I’ve trusted in this approach from the start, and I have to find that trust again and again when I make pictures. Really looking and observing is hard, and you can’t do it by following a formula. What connects all my work is finding the right balance between intention and chance, doing as much as I can and knowing when to let go, allowing fluidity and avoiding anything being forced…

Wolfgang Tillmans
Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, 2010

Wolfgang Tillmans
La Biennale di Venezia, Venice, 2009

Wolfgang Tillmans
Still Life in New York

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