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The artist Wolfgang Weingart
Born 1941, Konstanz, Germany.
Lives and works in Basel, Switzerland, .
Style and technique of the artist: Design, Postmodernism,

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Graphic Designer

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Wolfgang Weingart
In this contribution to ‘Design Quarterly’ I hope to give you a brief overview of my seventeen years as an instructor of typography at the Basle School of Design/Switzerland – of the work we have done in the typeshop and the kind of work we will be doing in the future…

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In 1959, I got nuts (in a good way) about Swiss Typography, what you call the “International Style.” In spring 1963, I visited Armin Hofmann and Emil Ruder in Basel, and Hofmann asked me to teach at his school. A year later, I started a new design life at the Basel School as a “guest listener.” I soon found, however, that this International Style had limits, so I started to get rebellious and began my own personal work. I also organized rebellious speakers to give lectures against the school, including G.G. Lange from the Berthold typefoundry, Anton Stankowski, Hap Grieshaber and others. Ruder almost threw me out of the school. But I am not a pioneer.—

Wolfgang Weingart
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