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The artist Yaacov Agam
Born 1928, , Israel.
Style and technique of the artist: Op Art Optical Art, Design, Documenta Kassel,

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yaacov agam
The father of kinetic art, Yaacov Agam has shattered the traditional barriers of space and time with his progressive and diverse body of work.

yaacov agam
Orchestration—Counterpoint’ and ‘Transparent Rhythms II’

yaacov agam
Museum Jan van de Togt

yaacov agam
How do you show an idea such as happiness or love, using only color or shapes? This has been a problem that many artists in the past 100 years have tried to figure out. Yaacov Agam is one of these artists…

Beating Beating Heart
The Art and Technology Foundation presents an exhibition dedicated to Yaacov Agam. A pioneer of kinetic art in the 50s, Agam has since continued his line of extensive experimentation with new mediums, including cutting edge technologies.

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