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The artist Yael Bartana
Born 1970, Afula, Israel.
Lives and works in Israel and Amsterdam, NL, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Istanbul Biennial, Documenta Kassel, Artes Mundi Prize,

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yael bartana
Over the last several years, she has become known for her complex visualizations in the forms of photography, film, video, and sound works and installations. Whereas largely known in Europe, her work has not been as present in the U.S. until now. On view in the First Floor Drawing and Painting Galleries from October 19, 2008 until January 26, 2009, this is Bartana’s first solo exhibition at a New York institution…

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yael bartana
Homepage of the artist.

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Prague Biennale

yael bartana
Yael Bartana’s Kings of the Hill video revolves around Israeli cultural symbols and rites of socialization. Bartana assumes the position of an anthropologist observing a particular sector of the upper-middle class male population of a Western culture. Reading the work in a non-local context, however, the viewer is given a focused glimpse of the forces and myths underlying Israeli society and of its norms and values.

yael bartana
„Kings of The Hill“

yael bartana
Wild Seeds

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