Yin Xiuzhen

Yin Xiuzhen | the artist

The artist Yin Xiuzhen
Born 1963, Beijing, China.
Lives and works in Beijing, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,

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yin xiuzhen
Beijing Opera

yin xiuzhen
Yin Xiuzhen's art explores how individual life experiences operate in the context of broad issues and in the links between external appearances and internal responses.

yin xiuzhen
Yin Xiuzhen's work embraces the notion of memory, whatever its form might be. Memory is a critical tool that allows her to examine the political, social, historical, environmental and human constructs that surround her…

yin xiuzhen
Proposal for the Long March – A Walking Visual Display

yin xiuzhen
Yin Xiuzhen's art works feature creating strong illusive power with "time prints" such as experience and memory.

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