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The artist Yoshitomo Nara
Born 1959, Hirosaki, Japan.
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Printmakers, Painting,

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yoshitomo nara
The artwork of Yoshitomo Nara is deceptively simple. Peopled with entities that call to mind toddlers or infant animals with their balloon heads, persimmon pit-eyes, and pinprick noses, each work is a peek into a world that seems eerily familiar…

yoshitomo nara
Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara’s images of precocious, punk-rock children disturb and disrupt our dreams of innocence

yoshitomo nara
Fucking Politics’

yoshitomo nara interview
There was a woman of whom I was very close to who really liked my work who unfortunately died from cancer three years ago. I felt that she ‘got’ my work more than I thought somebody would. She knew that she was dying of cancer but she was always very positive about her life and the only thing she regretted was that she was not there to see the evolution of my work. People who unfortunately die from cancer are not only giving hope to the people who also have the illness but also give hope to the living. She gave a lot of energy and hope to me. When I was first given the opportunity about the STAGES show I immediately though about her and wanted to make a painting about her to tell her story. When you first see the painting you might feel sad but somewhere in the painting there is hope…

yoshitomo nara
Under the name of YNG, Yoshitomo Nara — one of Japan’s best known contemporary artists — has worked with the Japanese creative design group graf on over 20 collaborative projects around the world since 2003. graf’s practice ranges from furniture and graphic design to art and food, proposing a ‘structure for better living’. This collaboration provides the artists with a platform for both creative exchange and communication with audiences…

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