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The artist Yuan Goang-Ming
Born 1965, Taipei, Taiwain.
Lives and works in Taipei, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Installation art,

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Yuan Goang-Ming
Translated into Chinese, City Disqualified means ‘having lost the credentials to be a city’. Disqualified (shi ge or diao ge) is actually a technical term from movie editing that means to ‘drop frames’. The phenomenon of shi ge delays and pauses movie projection. So aside from meaning ‘to lose credentials’, shi ge also has a meaning that comes from the technical term discussed above: that the raw material waits to be reconstituted.

Yuan Goang-Ming
Reasons for Insomnia

Yuan Goang-Ming
Yuan Goang-ming is acknowledged as a video artist rather than a photographic artist. His only digital photography City Disqualified, however, gained much attention in 2001* and has been exhibited around the world since its first presentation at IT Park in Taipei…

Yuan Goang-Ming
The Reason for Running

Yuan Goang-Ming
Intersection in the Ximen district in Taipei during the day and at night. 300 photos were digitally manipulated until they were free of people.

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