Yuri Albert

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The artist Yuri Albert
Born 1959, Moscow, Russia.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Moscow Conceptualism,

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Yuri Albert
"…And, despite the fact that the blood, and the shit, and the books are perfectly genuine, mine, any unprejudiced viewer could say that I have, once again, created the same – a work about love of art and the different forms of this love – and he shall probably be right, for you can never run away from yourself, or from art."

Yuri Albert
Yuri Albert has decided to exhibit a description of various unrealised installations and performances alongside a film about Diderot’s ‘Salons’ due to the paradoxical parallel of today’s situation and the period at the end of the 1970s and the start of the 1980s…

Yuri Albert
Sevina Sineva (Seva's Blue)

Self Portrait with blindfolded eyes
Approximately since 1990 my works have been grounded on the presumption that Art could be divided into Genuine and Contemporary Art and the Genuine Art is impossible today. In my childhood, while I have been educated in the School of Fine Arts I’ve prefigured my future as a coming time for making rather Genuine art (I wished to become an artist similar to Rembrandt or Van Gogh)…

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