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The artist Yves Oppenheim
Born 1948, Tananarive, Madagascar.
Lives and works in Berlin and Paris, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Yves Oppenheim
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Yves Oppenheim
Superimposed forms, interlaced and transparent, depict the successive constructions and deconstructions that constitute the painting, thereby putting into question the making of the pictures. The gestures of invalidating, of re-covering the surface and of starting over are characteristic for Oppenheim's work. They focus on the very act of painting and at the same time prohibit an immediate understanding of the work. For him, making us aware of the artistic activity itself is central. His work intentionally undermines any effort to quickly and simply understand what is depicted; on the contrary, by disquieting the viewer, he provokes a process of reflection and analysis…

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