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The artist Zipora Fried
Born 1964, Haifa, Israel.
Lives and works in New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Greater New York, Installation art,

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Zipora Fried
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Zipora Fried
"The drawings are emphatically handmade in a very slow process. I like to challenge the viewer to consider the monotony involved in this, the repetition, the essence of time, the rhythm and the endurance."

Zipora Fried
“Trust Me. Be Careful,” Zipora Fried’s emotionally wall-eyed exhibition, contained a small but resonant group of oddly assorted, meticulously crafted things, images and sounds (all 2008 or ’09). At center stage was Quentin, a heavy, old-fashioned dining table tightly encased in a hand-crocheted, black wool covering. The wool absorbs light thoroughly enough to eliminate any internal shadows, and makes the bulky object seem somehow two-dimensional—a dense charcoal drawing of itself. The only other freestanding object was b. b. bat, made from vertically spliced segments of three baseball bats. In section, this sculpture has the silhouette of a stemless three-leaf clover, or of a club, as in a suite of cards. Leaned in solitude against the wall, it had a slightly ominous presence—it was more menacing, in fact, than if its display had seemed less casual…

Zipora Fried
…The subtlety of the large pieces is so strong that only by viewing them in person can one see their essence. Simplicity is a very hard thing to achieve. These are compositions made by hand, so imperfections can be seen. The drawings are dense with strong and powerful markings repeated over the entire surface. There are no emphasized areas – all are treated equally. There are minimal value contrasts. I have a clear image of the composition before I start; then I concentrate on the scale and proportions. The finished piece seems to carry a moral dimension, in that it can be seen to stand for virtues such as order, purity and simplicity. It is an outpouring of discipline, a modicum of sanity…

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