Zoran Naskovski

Zoran Naskovski | the artist

The artist Zoran Naskovski
Born 1960, Izbiste, Vojvodina, Yugoslavia.
Lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video, Venice Biennale,

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Zoran Naskovski
Biography. Deals with the issues related to contemporary Yugoslav society as well as global phenomena like movies, NBA (especially 3 points in the last second),  fetishism, state of the body, aiming at disclosing visual mechanisms standing behind the contemporary visual obsessions.

Zoran Naskovski
<p>“Precious memories, how they linger<br />
How they ever flood my soul;<br />
In the stillness of the midnight<br />
Precious, sacred scenes unfold”</p>

Zoran Naskovski
Death in Dallas

Zoran Naskovski
Lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia where he completed an MA in Visual Arts. Zoran Naskovski works in different kinds of media and deals with issues relating to contemporary Yugoslavian society, often in relationship to prominent trends in mass culture…

Zoran Naskovski
Nothing but Net is a video and sound installation consisting of picture and sound that were recorded during various nights, on the same street basketball playground. A registered part of the atmosphere has been transformed in an environment in which there are video and sound recordings of various time lengths and who are never being repeated by the loops, and which create the impression of a harmony in the gallery in which one can resort to meditation…

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