Zoya Cherkassky

Zoya Cherkassky | the artist

The artist Zoya Cherkassky
Born 1976, , Ukraine.
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany & Israel.
Style and technique of the artist: Herzliya Biennial, Sculpture Objects, Conceptual Art,

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Zoya Cherkassky

Zoya Cherkassky
The large-scale panoramic photograph (six meters in width) is the only work Ruti and Zoya chose to exhibit. It captures, with a single nonchalant closing of the shutter, an engaging, highly detailed sculptural marquette, the result of many months of work…

Zoya Cherkassky
The reasons that are lying at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are political and are to be analyzed using political language. Rhetorical language used by artists allows representation of any position and how convincing will it be depends only on the artistÂ’s skills…

Zoya Cherkassky
Disobedience. Art has never existed separately from politics. Art is always political, it can be both: a means of liberation and a means of enslavement. The contemporary art system is financed by the art market, and hence, serves its interests…

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