Bozidar Brazda

Bozidar Brazda | the artist

The artist Bozidar Brazda
Born 1972, Cambridge, Canada.
Lives and works in New York, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing,

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Bozidar Brazda
Bozidar Brazda designs his multimedia installations as performances to be “pulled apart” into individual elements, activating viewers’ participation as they navigate the spaces between his objects…

Bozidar Brazda
Black Flag Boy

Bozidar Brazda
Selected works in the Saatchi Gallery

Bozidar Brazda
In an auspicious debut inside a new gallery in Chelsea, the work by Bozidar Brazda at Haswellediger & Co. on 23rd Street includes some gorgeous works on paper. There is an overall concept to the installation, called "The Journalist," which includes a number of individual sculptures…

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