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The artist Franz Ackermann
Born 1963, Neumarkt St Veit, Germany.
Lives and works in Berlin, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Installation art,

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franz ackermann
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franz ackermann
The gouaches of Franz Ackermann document the artist’s experiences in cities around the world. The works combine the external reality of a location with the artist’s subjective feelings about that place…

franz ackermann
<p>„Alles liegt offen“. Ein Gespräch mit Franz Ackermann

franz ackermann, the saatchi gallery
In Mental Map: Evasion V, Franz Ackermann creates a biotic abstraction, a template for natural phenomena dictated by design. His jumbled composition is harmonious in its turmoil: concentric patterns of colour expose hints of identifiable place (a street map, a building interior, a snippet of landscape) only to dislocate them in a maze of organic generalisations…

franz ackermann
Starting with the condition of totality, Ackermann has completely refaced the walls of the front gallery room with five oil paintings. At the true to scale ratio of 1:1 the canvases are assimilated to the format of the gallery walls; 300 to 600 cm long and 238 cm high. The artist makes no differentiation between the significance of various spatial situations. The hallway that leads to the rear gallery area is equipped with different mountings, and thus can be seen as an equivalent component of the show. Here, however, Franz Ackermann works with varied media. The use of traditional Turkish kilims (woven floor or wall rugs) allows for a correspondence between the floor and the ceiling, while also enabling a breakaway from the closed system. The medial diversification in the rear gallery area causes a breach in the homogeneity which Ackermann creates in the front exhibition space with the precise panelling of the walls. Along with the integration of photography as collage, an earlier piece is included in the show; a small mental map. The inclusion of this cartography of memory is Ackermann’s reference to his previous exhibitions, as well as a reinforcement of the concept of subjectively appropriating an area…

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