Friedrich Kunath

Friedrich Kunath | the artist

The artist Friedrich Kunath
Born 1974, Chemnitz, Germany.
Lives and works in Cologne, Germany, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Painting, Drawing,

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Sprengel Preis für Bildende Kunst 2012

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Friedrich Kunath
Working in a variety of media, including painting, video and drawing, Friedrich Kunath commonly uses text to accompany an image. Kunath explores universal themes of disenchantment, love, desire, vulnerability, hope and despair in works that are often humorous, despite their pathos. ‘If you leave me – can I come too’, bears the legend in one painting. He frequently appropriates elements of popular culture – the title of a song for example – making his explorations of human situation all the more pertinent…

Friedrich Kunath
Kunath’s work often evokes the divergent worldviews and emotional states that he has experienced while living in these two places…

Friedrich Kunath
Kunath has no manifesto, no declared Freudian programme, and one is left wondering what all this enjoyable mood-setting might mean…

Friedrich Kunath
We were the one thing in the galaxy God didn’t have his eyes on

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