Istvan Kantor

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The artist Istvan Kantor
Pseudonym: Monty Cantsin
Born Aug 27 1949, Budapest, Hungary.
Lives and works in Canada, .
Style and technique of the artist: Performance Art, Video,

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Istvan Kantor
I manage to multiply the misunderstandings between me and Neoism?!

Istvan Kantor
"Istvan Kantor’s work in video and performance art is on the cutting and critical edge of contemporary art. His is an aggressive and unapologetic aesthetic of excess. Kantor’s interdisciplinary, no-holds-barred, neo-Dada art has earned him a large international following and a unique reputation…"

Istvan Kantor
Founder of "Neoism", Istvan Kantor / Monty Cantsin / Amen is Canada’s best-known and most notorious performance artist. His work has taken on many forms during his career.

Istvan Kantor
Istvan Kantor longs to create a new society that challenges society¬ís role and that of individualism. A Kantorian utopia of human excesses and freedoms unimagined. An Eden that would make Bosch’s version pale and tame. But instead, Kantor is caught in an endless struggle to bring down the putrid and stale society in which he is forced to live. His potent arsenal of propaganda, extraction, instinct, persistence, surprise, machinery, convulsion, conflict and controversy are not enough.

Istvan Kantor
The Doctor Tells All

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