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The artist Loren Munk
Pseudonym: James Kalm
Born 1951, , USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Neo-Expressionism,

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James Kalm is the alter ego of New York artist Loren Munk. With over 30 years’ experience as a painter, Munk began making video reviews of the NY art scene in 2006, quickly establishing a YouTube cult following with the Kalm Report.

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Loren Munk
Since establishing his studio in New York in 1979, the painter Loren Munk has constantly pursued a commitment to painting and the artistic community. Conceptual street works in the early 1980’s lead to his arrest by the New York City Police Department. The subsequent notoriety contributed to a string of successful exhibitions of paintings in Soho and internationally. His unique and innovative use of materials such as mirror, gold-leaf and glass mosaic affirmed him as a founding force of “Kitsch Art” and a leading member of New York Neo-Expressionism…

Loren Munk
JAMES KALM and his hand-held camera infiltrate the New York art scene to bring you undercover reports from the latest shows and hottest galleries.

Loren Munk
As a means of entering the critical and theoretical discourse, Munk created the persona James Kalm in the mid nineties. Publishing hundreds of essays and reviews under this pseudonym, most notably in the Brooklyn Rail, Munk became fascinated with the history and associations of the New York art world. These developments led to a reassessment and the current series of works, which aestheticize art history and document the local art community. YouTube's "Kalm Report" exemplifies Munk's blurring of criticism, historic documentation, journalism and performance art and began a new mode of art reportage on the internet…

Loren Munk
With more than 190 short video reviews on YouTube just a year and a half after learning to operate his videocam and edit the results, Kalm has gained an online following from people who don't live in New York or don't have time for gallery hopping yet want to sample the city's lively and varied art scene. He records the noisy opening-night parties, with their shouted greetings and clinking wine glasses. He captures the sunlit rooms where technicians and gallerists are making last-minute decisions about how to install work. And he has moments in nearly empty galleries where it's just Kalm and the art, where he brings the viewer along for a quiet chat about the background of the artist and the way the work is put together…

James Kalm
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