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The artist Lucy Skaer
Born Jan 1 1975, Cambridge, England.
Lives and works in Glasgow, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Painting,

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Lucy Skaer
The Saatchi Gallery<br />The image of a dead man, taken from a newspaper report of a riot in Mexico, lies across the top of a large, banner-like sheet of unstretched paper. A red pool of blood runs from his head, through the pattern of a Chinese bowl, to a flipped image of the same figure beneath resting on a strange grouping of modular building blocks…

Lucy Skaer
I am interested in the idea that the corpse or cadaver is a naturally occurring image – it is the perfect likeness of the living person, and yet it has become fundamentally different…'

Lucy Skaer
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Lucy Skaer
Becks Futures 2003: shortlist

Lucy Skaer
Skaer's drawings utilise found imagery sourced from photojournalistic reportage. Working on paper – large stretches that in scale resemble unfurled banners, flags or giant scrolls, typically, the main substance of her drawings is graphite to which she adds enamel paint, ink and gold leaf…

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