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The artist Reem Al Ghaith
Born 1985, Dubai, UAE.
Lives and works in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Style and technique of the artist: Design, Photography, Printmakers, Sharjah Biennale,

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Original artworks, prints, exhibition posters, monographs, books, collectibles.
I am a designer, a writer, a daydreamer, a teacher, a leader, a believer, a challenger, a photographer, a motivator, a printmaker, a lady, an artist, and a performer. I perform within design, on different stages, on different papers, on different landscapes, on different materials. I respond in my booklet, in my mind, in my eyes, in my language. I respond in any form. I am a form of design, not stated in a guide. I am a guide to the art of my country, my land, and my culture, which I re construct within my hands. In a photograph, in a booklet, in a spread, in a sculpture, and in words. I am a visual communicator.

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Reem Al Ghaith
A blog featuring a selection of work produced by Reem Al Ghaith during her years of study and a platform to update her recent work both personal and as a freelancer

Reem Al Ghaith
its a series, a narritive of a girl trapped within a frame and is held back by her traditions… and is further jxtaposed by the new modern landscape to empahsize the struggle…

Reem Al Ghaith

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