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The artist Reza Aramesh
Born 1970, , South of Iran.
Lives and works in London, UK.
Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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I was born on an early December morning, in the south-west of Iran, at a time when everything was covered with snow.

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Reza Aramesh
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Reza Aramesh
Picture this. You are walking back from work down a pedestrian suburban street, and through the window of a terraced house you glimpse a group of Middle Eastern men lounging around in armchairs, wearing balaclavas. At a time when terrorist activity saturates popular visual culture, this simple tableau contains all the ingredients of tabloid sensationalism – the unexpected and dangerous combined with the neighbourly and familiar, peppered with a pinch of xenophobia. It is with such scenarios that Iranian artist Reza Aramesh adroitly explores his identity as a Middle Eastern man, as well as the complex relationship between East and West, in his recent show ‘Picture This’…

Reza Aramesh
The Key of Dreams

Between the Eye and the Object falls a Shadow…
Conflict is the material from which Reza Aramesh crafts his work. Such conflict may reside in social rejection or alienation, in the uncomprehending meeting of cultures, in the affirmation of discordant stereotypes, in the imposition of gender roles, in recourse to armed violence. Aramesh's work is not autobiographical by intention or in fact, nor does it provide a visual history of conflict. Rather, his pieces draw on recent history, as reported by the media and filtered through an individual sensibility, to make palpable the tensions, contradictions and overt or implicit violence that are ubiquitous in the world of the early twenty-first century…

Reza Aramesh
Reza Aramesh's work relates to the disruption of order in the domestic sphere and to the intrusion of the exterior world into the interior. By creating a theatrical mise-en-scene and alluding to Hollywood narratives like that of the movie Home Alone, Aramesh mixes the absurd and the threatening and reveals the repressed anxieties of the Western world vis-à-vis the "other," represented in this case by men wearing black masks…

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