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The artist Risham Syed
Born 1969, Lahore, Pakistan.
Lives and works in , Lahore.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Abraaj Capital Art Prize 2012

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Risham Syed
Risham Syed situates symbols of influence and the power of the past with those from contemporary Pakistani society, often creating ironic and provoking tableaux. Employing Victorian values instilled through her missionary schooling and from socio-cultural vestiges of the colonial past, Syed excavates the differences in class, gender, race and histories. The remains of cultural inheritance are examined to reveal the nature of their origins and their perceived authenticity in present day Pakistan. As disparate materials and symbols are juxtaposed in installations, paintings and drawings by the artist, they all share a unique resonance as plays of power…

Risham Syed
Evolution Thread

Risham Syed
My work is about 'texts' and 'contexts'. I place myself in my environment , my city & talk about the changes that are constantly taking place;how I react to the environment & in return the response that I get.Its also about my childhood experiences of growing up in an environment that was influenced by the victorian values, the legacy that was a part of the post colonial structure we inherited…

Risham Syed
Homes are reflections of ones ideas/ideals about life. I use 'homes' as a metaphor of our world-view. They are also reflective of our collective psyche that manifests itself in the form of 'white houses' or 'mughal jharokas' or 'swati carvings'… I've been intrigued by the idea and used 'ideal houses' or 'trendy homes' in my work to comment on the cross-roads we are at in history…

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