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The artist Ruark Lewis
Born 1960, Sydney, Australia.
Lives and works in Sydney, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Writing, Conceptual Art,

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Sydney-based writer and visual artist, Ruark Lewis, travels the world of words, word-texts and word-pictures in the manner of a 19th century explorer.

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Ruark Lewis
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Ruark Lewis
Ruark Lewis is an artist and writer, who works in multi-media installations, and text, video, audio, drawing and makes artists-books…

Ruark Lewis
Ruark Lewis is one of Australia's more intriguing visual artists. Also a writer, Lewis takes a special interest in language, poetry and sound arts, working with concrete poetry and experimental texts as well as installation. Often engaged in a kind of "translation" of the work of other artists or historians, Lewis' previous works have looked afresh at poets and artists like Rimbaud, Beckett, and a number of Indigenous Australian artists…

Ruark Lewis

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