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The artist Rubens Mano
Born 1960, São Paulo, Brazil.
Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.
Style and technique of the artist: Sao Paulo Biennale, Installation art, Photography,

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Rubens Mano
Visitors entering the Octagon at the Pinacoteca do Estado are immediately confronted by an empty space. However, this void is an important element in Contemplasão Suspensa (Suspended Contemplation, 2008), by the São Paulo-based artist Rubens Mano..

Rubens Mano
For Pavement, the artist (..) installed electric outlets next to a sidewalk in downtown São Paulo during six weeks in July and August of 1999, making electricity available to anyone twenty-four hours a day for the duration of the piece. Inverting the usual notions of what belongs inside and what belongs outside, this simple operation radically changed the dynamics of life in the street…

Rubens Mano
at Sao Paulo Biennale

Rubens Mano
Disponha, fotografia, 2001

Rubens Mano
Rubens Mano on Light and Power

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