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The artist Ugo Carrega
Born Aug 17 1935, Genova Pegli, Italy.
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Fluxus,

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Ugo Carrega
About the artist (I)

Ugo Carrega
Born in Genova in 1935, he has been living and working in Milan since 1966. In 1951 he wrote his first work and in 1958 "?ini", his first issue of experimental and visual poetry, came out…

Ugo Carrega
Fluxus Flag

Ugo Carrega
The theme of the first of these cycles of works will be “Sound and Silence.”
The relationship between sound and silence—remembering that silence is essential to the life and activities of a library—here grows charged, thanks to the articulations of the various works on view, with many meanings: the silence of words, the silence of emptiness, the sounds and music of colors, the notion of a music to be rendered through paint.

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